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Joseph Profit Author, Motivational Speaker, NFL Legend, Entrepreneur

Profit (prof-it) noun: advantage or benefit; excess of returns over expenditures; to grow rich

Dr. Joe Profit’s message is all about success. His skills, talent and experience are what he has to offer the marketplace.  He shares his inspiring story of overcoming adversity, achieving success, and realizing his full potential. In his presentation, he helps the audience embrace their own blank canvas of possibilities. He is committed to growing and enhancing your leadership skills at every level, personal and business. His message is able to capture the attention of any audience and inspire them to buy into the vision and mission of your organization, improving the overall quality of your success.

Unless you are a professional football enthusiast or an entrepreneur, it is unlikely you have heard of Joe Profit. Yet this powerful and explosive running back was a first-round draft pick of the Atlanta Falcons in the National Football League. Due to a season-ending knee injury suffered in his first game in the NFL, Profit eventually retired his cleats, but the lessons he learned on the football field were invaluable. Lessons regarding perseverance, discipline, setting goals and teamwork are partly the reasons he is presently recognized as one of the most prominent small businessmen in America.

Although retired from football field, Profit continues to compete, tackle and score in the business field: in boardrooms, at dinner meetings, on the public speaking circuit and his own broadcast network. As a successful businessman, his company, Gourmet Profit, Inc. owned Burger King Franchises in Atlanta, Georgia. According to an article that appeared in The Atlanta Journal, Joe Profit’s company had sales of more than $2 million in 1978.

Furthermore, Profit was the first African-American to purchase a franchise for International House of Pancakes (IHOP) in the state of Georgia. In addition to his restaurant operations, he is the founder and CEO of a $100 million international multimedia firm, Communications International Corporation. His company was ranked by INC. 500 Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America for three consecutive years. Through Profit’s business endeavors, he has contributed to the nation’s economic engine by providing over 800 jobs to people in 37 states and nine countries.

Fittingly, his last name literally means financial success. It is not surprising, though, that many question if Profit is really his birth-given name and not a pseudonym. I mean, how many great one-liners can you use with a name like Profit?

Born and raised in one of the poorest areas of the country, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Dr. Joe Profit is one of the most interesting and richest people you will ever meet. After enduring the hardships of life before the Civil Rights Movement – which was often synonymous with being poor, Black and male – Profit was determined not to let his meager beginnings be his reason for lifelong excuses.

After graduating high school, Profit was a walk-on at Northeast Louisiana University (ULM), where he received a full scholarship. Though he faced many discriminatory barriers during his collegiate years, as he was the first African-American to play football in the Gulf States Conference (presently known as the Sunbelt Conference), the only barrier Profit truly cared about at the time was breaking the opponents’ goal line. With such determination, Profit went on to become the Conference’s All-Time rushing champion, with 2,818 yards and 538 carries, and he set ten school records, including most yards in a game, a season and a career!

To honor him, the Student Government Association at ULM recognized his contributions during a ceremony which established February 18th as “Joe Profit Day.” The university also retired his football jersey, #40. Profit became the first athlete to have his number retired in the school’s 86-year history. Profit credits ULM for giving him an opportunity to get a quality education when no other college in that system would do so. Joe shared his views as to the impact that ULM had on him: “They invested in my dreams and I grew stronger through the Holy Spirit, which allowed me to show the power of having faith in the word of God. That was an important crossroad in my life. I developed what I call the ‘Triple-A’s effect,’ my mantra to deal with my daily challenges on campus. They are: Appearance, Approach, and Attitude. It is apparent that the same mantra that guided me in the cotton fields, on the football field and the business field will continue to guide me in the field of the ministry.”

Profit has received numerous awards and Presidential appointments, including but not limited to:

  • Granville T. Woods Award for Outstanding CEO
  • Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young
  • Inducted into the Business and Professional Hall of Fame
  • Institute of American Entrepreneurs’ as a lifetime member
  • Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame

In addition to his contributions to the business world, Profit has served two sitting Presidents of the United States, President Ronald Reagan and President George H. Bush, as he was appointed to the Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta, GA, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Small Business Advisory Committee, the International Trade Board Subcommittee for Policy, International Trade Board Subcommittee for Policy, the White House Small Business Advisory Committee, and the U.S. Department of Transportation Advisory Board.

Profit has also been featured in USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Monroe News Star, The Anniston Star, Atlanta Constitution, Gwinnett Daily Post, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Essence Magazine and many other national and international publications.

While Profit has had great success in many of his endeavors, the intention of his book, Fields of Success-Raised Expectations, is to inspire others to tackle their dreams by sharing the consistent habits he embraced in order to achieve success. Upon reading it, hopefully, you will experience love, laughter, tears, disbelief, wonderment and inspiration as you turn each page of this remarkable and profitable story!

This book shows how ordinary living was transformed into an extraordinary life through a strong spiritual conviction, the power of God’s grace, and Dr. Profit’s Guiding Principles for Success (GPS).


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Joe R. Reeder
Managing Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Served as the 14th Under-Secretary of the Army.

“As an average lifelong college and professional football fan, I knew Joe Profit’s name long before he ever knew mine. I had heard his name on the news and had seen him on television. I have learned his story of adversity and have seen how he has grown into the man he is today… Joe’s indomitable personality and his force of will have allowed him to prevail over countless formidable adversaries and abstracts.

Very few who read his life story and experience Joe’s formula for success can claim the strength of character that helped Joe surmount the burdens he faced and has had to overcome from birth. Many readers will never get to know Joe personally. But in reading this book, he will lift up every reader by some of the experiences that came with this remarkable and blessed life. Enjoy!”

Don Zimmerman
former National Football League player for the Philadelphia Eagles and retired educator

“To those of us who grew up with Joe profit, his success is not a surprise… even as a child, he was always considering the future, looking for a venture to make money. His story is one that should have been told a long time ago, and all who read it will be inspired.”

Susan Neck
Published Author and Realtor, wife of former Chicago Bears, running back Tommy Neck.

“Joe Profit is one of the most sincere and generous human beings I know, and I have known him for a long time. He came along during the time that segregation was ending and integration was beginning. He was the first African–American to play football on his all-white college team. During away games, he was a starter. However, during home games, he had to sit on the bench for the start of the games. But he never gave up. Joe Profit is an outstanding person who is dedicated to hard work and vigilance.

James Blackwell
Blackwell Advisor Group, Merrill Lynch and USB Finances Services

“I have advised Joe on financial matters for many years, and he has one of the best business minds that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a natural–born entrepreneur.”

Joe’s commitment to succeed, his courage, and his undefeated attitude will be an inspiration as you read his story of struggle and ultimately of victory!”


In this book, you will learn how Profit’s life was transformed from ordinary living to an extraordinary life through the power of the God Almighty.

If you are on the path to success or have already arrived, you will be compelled to read this book. It will definitely change your mindset. Profit’s story is a living example of how an ordinary person can turn life’s roadblocks – no matter your circumstances – into stepping stones!

This book is available online at www.amazon.com and bookstores everywhere, or you can visit www.joeprofit.com for more information about Dr. Joe Profit-branded products and/or to receive an autographed copy, or an 8-pack CD disc. For digital downloads go to www.audible.com. The book proceeds are used to benefit the LEGENDS & KIDS® Young Authors™ Book publishing program of Youth United for Prosperity Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Fields of Success-Raised Expectations

Contact Information:
Youth United for Prosperity Foundation.
1266 West Paces Ferry Road, Suite 317
Atlanta, Georgia 30327
Email: joe@joeprofit.com
Phone: 866-663-2608 Ext. 103
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Success Coaching

Development is important in every position within the organization, especially at the Success level.  Our global economy has created an increasingly demanding, ever-shifting and faster paced world in which knowledge is central.
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The key to the success of a company is a combination of cutting edge products and great people. Our goal is to assist companies develop top performers, reduce turnover, increase sales and profits and provide solutions. Success coaching is a strategic, focused and individualized approach to your professional development.

Masterful coaches inspire people by helping them recognize the previously unseen possibilities that lay embedded in their existing circumstances.

With offices in the United States Profit Success Strategies is strategically located to serve clients worldwide. Our comprehensive image consulting services are offered in person, online, or via telephone. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can add value to you and your business.

#Atlanta benefited from the genorsity and humanitarianisn of #MuhammadAli in the early 80 when he partnered Joseph Profit to support the efforts to put an end to the Atlanta Child Murders. At this press conference”the champ” detailed the $400000 #donation and showed his support for the Atlanta community.

Today’s Success requires a strong skill set in the following areas: 

Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Empowerment, Motivation-self and others, Communication Skills,  Strategic Management, Adaptability, Self-Management, Impression Management, Presentation Skills, Dealing with Change, Coping with Stress and Time Management.

Corporations are seeking to sharpen the leadership skills of high potential individuals using assessment tools and coaching. The purpose of coaching is to provide a sounding board to work through key issues and provide solutions. Success coaching is usually a change of behavior, skills and mindset performance improvement. Coaching is an intense leadership course for talented people.

The coaching relationship consists of two elements:
1. Completion of one or more assessment tools. Dr. Profit offers Leadership, Team Building, Communication, and Listening Skills, Coping and Stress and Diversity assessments.
2. One-on-one coaching in person and by phone. He develops a “transition action plan” for identified by the assessment tools.

Success Coaching is designed to:
Trigger Breakthrough Thinking
Build Shared Understanding
Improved Belief Systems
Obtain the Desired Outcomes
Create Added Value

Coaching action plans include: 
needs analysis
action plan
clarifying needs and values
project completion
benefits and the consequences
role playing activities
project completion

Leadership Competencies Include: Team Building, Boldness, Performance, Judgment, Perceiving, Fortitude, Self Renewal, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Serving Others, Inspiring and Collaboration.

A survey of 100 Success, mostly from Fortune 500 companies concluded that a company’s investment in providing coaching for the Success realized an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of coaching. Invest in your team today.

Success Stories
Dr. Profit serving clients globally in China, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, Dubai , Saudi Arabia, UK, and the United States since 1984 clients in, Atlanta, Boca Raton, Birmingham, Cairo, Cape Town, Lagos, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Sunny Point NC, Newport Beach, New York, Oakland, Riyadh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, UAE, Virginia Beach, Wilmington, NC

Dr. Profit’s Company Policy:
50% deposit to secure the date or 5% discount if paid in full at the time of booking. No refunds however, the date of training/event may be changed if agreeable to both parties.

Speaking Packages

Dr. Joe Profit, a former National Football League (NFL) player, Motivational and Business Speaker.  Dr. Joe Profit message is all about success. His skills, talent and experience are what he has to offer the marketplace.
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He shares his inspiring story of overcoming adversity, achieving success, and realizing your full potential. In his presentation, he helps the audience embrace their own blank canvas of possibilities. He is committed to growing and enhancing your leadership skills at every level, personal and organization. His message is able to capture the attention of any audience and inspire them to buy into the vision of the organization, improving overall quality of their success. He rose from a college walk-on (at an all-White college in the Deep South) to a number 1 draft pick in the NFL.

After five successful seasons as a professional athlete, a career-changing injury gave him a new perceptive on life and he transformed himself from athlete to international businessman. His company, Communications International Inc., a $100 million dollar enterprise, was ranked by INC. 500 Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies in America for three consecutive years. Featured in the business section of The Wall Street Journal, he has also been highlighted in The New York Times and the money section of USA Today. Dr. Profit has shared his expertise on: ESPN, National Sports Network, CNN Headline News and is the author of the book “Fields of Success – Raised Expectations.

Dr. Profit has worked in over 9 countries including the Middle East, and Dubai. His clients include the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, AID, FAA, Department of State, The Veterans Administration, Immigration & Naturalization, at&t Bechtel Corporation, Delta Airlines and many more around the world.

Dr. Joe Profit is strategically located to serve clients worldwide. His comprehensive consulting, coaching and seminar services are offered in person, online, and by telephone. He welcomes the opportunity to discuss how he can add value to you and your business. Contact Dr. Profit by email at: info@onemcgroup.com or toll free at 866-663-2608-ext 103

United States and Canada Investment Options:
Keynote: $3,500-$5500.
Seminar up to two hours: $1,100.
Half Day Program: $1,800.
Full Day Program:  $3,500.

International Investment Options:
Keynote: $8,500.
Seminar up to two hours: $2,500.
Half Day Program: $3,500.
Full Day Program:  $5,500.

IMAGES OF SUCCESS Transformational Seminar: 
Half day signature program $4,500.
For men and women with total transformations on several participants. Three hours of lecture/workshop with audience participation.  During the seminar Dr. Profits “Impression Management Team” will complete three visual transformations in a nearby room.  The transformations include:

Executive Coaching and Project Based Work: 
please call for quotes

Executive Finishing School (SM): Available in a one, two or three or five day format for an individual or small group. Includes image assessments, dining tutorials, personality, behavior and communication assessments. Please inquire about corporate rates for small groups. Investment: $6000. to $30,000.

Personal Consultations/Coaching: $3500. – $5000. per day.

Educational Items: Educational packages available for each topic

Travel and Accommodations : Client will provide full coach or business class ticket if the flight is over 4 hours plus hotel, transportation to and from the airport and meals. Dr. Profit will provide statement and receipts to the client within one week of the program.

Terms of Agreement: 50% at the time of the booking to reserve the date.  Balance due thirty business days before the program. A 5% discount is offered if paid within three days of booking.  Deposits are non-refundable, but may be used for a future event if a postponement is required.

Postponement or date change is subject to a 15% charge of the training / event fee plus change / cancellation fees charged by airlines and hotels, due and payable upon date change or postponement.

Company checks, international wire transfers and credit cards accepted. Multiple bookings

To discuss your staff development, training, conference and convention needs, please Dr. Joe Profit at 866-663-2608

Contact Dr. Joseph Profit

To book Joe Profit as a speaker and obtain fee information use the contact form below. Dr. Profit is also available for corporations, non-profit groups, colleges and schools.
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And … thank you for considering Dr. Joe profit as your speaker!



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