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Fields of Success Audio Book
Fields of Success Audio Book


Track 1. Title
Track 2. Dedication
Track 3. Acknowledgement
Track 4. Forward by Joe R. Reeder
Track 5. Introduction: Landing Hard on the Field
Track 6. Chapter 1. Growing Up a Profit
Track 7. Chapter 2. Lessons in Determination
Track 8. Chapter 3. Treading the Thin Line
Track 9. Chapter 4. The Power of Expectations
Track 10. Chapter 5. Stepping Over the Line
Track 11. Chapter 6. The World Against Me
Track 12. Chapter 7. Changing Their Minds Part 1
Track 13. Gallery of Pictures and Articles
Track 14. Chapter 7. Part 2 Seeing Change in My Peers
Track 15. Chapter 8. Determination and Resiliency
Track 16. Chapter 9. Two Fields at Once
Track 17. Chapter 10. Making a Historical Impact
Track 18. Chapter 11. Roadblocks to Stepping Stones
Track 19. Chapter 12. Life Keeps Changing
Track 20. Chapter 13. Searching for True Success
Track 21. Chapter 14. Profit’s Views On Life in the Business World
Track 22. Chapter 15. Profit’s View on Economics

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Developing Success Through Principles

Joe Profit Success Coach

Even if you get the right team all in the same boat, if success is the goal, what’s the next step?  You’ll go nowhere if you don’t have a set of good principles and have not given good instructions or have developed a goal, team work is foundational. Investing in people is what brings genuine success. In the corporate world, there has been an increasing emphasis on hiring the right people. While it certainly helps to have a staff that is motivated and competent, it is the commitment of the leader to develop the staff that brings sustained and beneficial excellence.

Those who are ready to become servant leaders should have a genuine desire to help others to do and be their best. Once again, it’s all about contributions to the common good. One of the greatest roles a servant leader can play is to identify the strengths of their followers, encouraging them to maximize those strengths.  Since we all have gifts and strengths, it’s possible to offer this kind of support to virtually anyone.

“In the workplace, when an organization’s leadership fails to focus on individual strengths, the odds of an employee being engaged are a dismal 1 in 11 (9%).  But when an organization’s leadership focuses on the strengths of the team, the odds soar to almost 3 in 4 (73%).  So that means when leaders focus on and invest in their team strengths, the odds of each person being engaged goes up eightfold.”   -Tom Rath, Strengths-Based Leadership

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When a team member becomes engaged, the work of the leader multiplies exponentially.  When coaching leaders, I often address them by saying, “If you have to touch it in order for it to move, you are not a leader, but rather a person in a leadership position.”

After being drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in the 1st Round of the NFL draft , the Steelers have always taken seriously their role to develop and shape my life completely, and not just with reference to my on-the field performance. While other Pro Players have built their philosophy primarily around winning football games my goal has always been to prepare myself for life’s work.”  I believed my role was to achieve success in all fields of life, not just focusing on the football field.  I believe that success and leadership in our families, house of worship, business, communities and occupations long after their football career had ended.

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Become a Success Coach


How to Become a Certified Success Coach and Advisor with Dr. Profit’s Proven Methodology

Turning Passions into Profits – I teach what others do not teach. I teach you how to make money and gain financial security in this exciting, in-demand and lucrative industry. Learn to make a positive difference and a fortune sharing your advice. I built a multi-million dollar business and I will share these strategies with you!

Training Options:

  • Five day Image / Style Certification Training details below
  • Five day Etiquette / Manners Certification Training details below
  • Personal Shopper / Stylist – Three Day Accelerated Training Option
  • the Ultimate Color and Style Online Training System
  • the Ultimate Etiquette and Manners Online Training System

Learn the Real Secrets to creating wealth with Dr.Profit, self-made multi-millionaire and International Master Image, Etiquette, Communication and Leadership Advisor with 3 decades of experience.

Starts Your Own Business 
Your success begins with the guidance and knowledge from Dr. Profit having 3 decades of experience; he knows how to build this business. What would you change if your annual income became your monthly income? What enhancements would you make in your life? Are you totally committed to success?

Benefits: Income tax benefits as a self-employed individual, you can expense out a portion of your home as a home based office, a portion of your car, business attire, phone, insurance and of course, the training investment. Plus, assisting others to become their personal and professional best self is very rewarding financially and emotionally.

Your potential is unlimited. The Success Coach and Etiquette Certification Training are designed to meet the needs of your future clients and to position you for success.

It is with great pleasure that I offer these training program options to a select few individuals each year. Can you make a good living as a personal and corporate Success Coach and Etiquette/Manners Advisor?  The answer is YES.  Everyone can benefit by improving their image, their personal style, mastering the art of business etiquette and dining skills with grace and elegance. Corporations, not-for-profit, educational institutions and individuals are willing to invest to learn the skills necessary to be competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Recent studies have shown that businesses in North America are investing 550 billion dollars per year on educational programs. This figure is expected to double within the next five years. With this rapid and dramatic change, now is the time to position you for success in the personal and professional development field.

The Dr. Profit Success Coaching and Etiquette Certification is designed to give you that solid start with the key knowledge and tools needed in one of the fastest growing industries of the decade. With Dr. Profit’s Success Strategies, you will have the advantage over the competition.

Dr. Profit is committed to excellence in the speaking and consulting business by presenting leading edge programs to help men and women capitalize on their presentation and communication skills. This blueprint for success is a unique opportunity for men and women with an entrepreneurial spirit. We offer an excellent training program with tremendous earning potential.

The Dr. Profit Success Coaching and Etiquette Certification Training program will give you the knowledge, training and information that you can use immediately to make a significant improvement in both your personal and business life. We offer a global perspective in this industry.

Dr. Profit Success Coaching and Etiquette Certification Training Options 
Five day International Certification Training Program on Image and Style and five day Etiquette and Fine Dining with Dr. Profit. The investment for each five day program is $9500. If you wish to invest in both the Image and Etiquette Certification training programs the investment is $16,000. This represents a saving of $3000.

A complete outline of our training program is available on this web site. After reviewing this information please complete the New Consultant’s Questionnaire and then contact Dr. Profit to register. Contact Us

Discover Your Passion and Live Your Dreams, Make a Positive Difference and a Fortune by Sharing Your Knowledge


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Why Should You Become a Certified Success Coach and Etiquette Consultant, Coach and Advisor? As the Master Certified Success Coach and Etiquette Consultant with over 3 decades in this exciting and lucrative business, I have traveled all over the world working with clients, dignitaries and Royalty. I started my business when I was still a player in the National Football League and built my business in to a world class, global empire. I coach my clients and train others to become image and etiquette consultants.

Here are 7 great reasons why you should become an image, etiquette and communication consultant:

You Can Earn A Great Income As a Success Coaching and Etiquette consultant, you have the opportunity to earn whatever you want to earn. Some consultants charge their clients $100 – $250 an hour; some charge $500 an hour and more. Some work part time, others make it their full-time career and earn high six-figure incomes.

You Can Help People To Succeed And Live Better Lives A person’s image, manners and communication skills that will “transform ordinary living into an extraordinary life©”. As a Success Coaching and Etiquette consultant, you can positively make a difference in their lives and earn their respect as an accomplished professional Knowledge and skills as a successful coach that leads to respect with your colleagues, clients, family and friends. In addition to the knowledge and skills your clients acquire when you coach them, they will experience a leap in their confidence and self esteem.

You Can Experience a Glamorous and Rewarding Career As a Certified Image and Etiquette consultant you will coach your clients on building great wardrobes, present their best image, and improve their manners, communication skills and presence. I have worked with Presidents of companies world-wide, Royalty in the Middle East. I also worked with famous professional athletes and politicians.

Your Age, Race or Gender is not a Barrier to Your Success I have trained people in their 20s’, 30s’, 40s’, 50s’ and even 60s’. You can become a successful coach anywhere in the world. The key is to position yourself as the expert of choice and make it easy for people to find you and to hire you. Thanks to internet marketing, my business has grown to over the years. 

You Can Have the Job Security of a Self-employed Professional You can take charge of your future and your income. People all over the world need manners, civility, a great image and style. 

You Will Have Clients Seek You Out and Book Appointments With You Marketing yourself and your services have never been easier. People buy from those they know, like and trust. You can become the expert of choice and people will refer you to their friends and colleagues.

There are No Limits to Your Success Take the brakes off and work and promote yourself and your business. My clients select me on my credentials, experience and my web site. My role as the Master Image, Etiquette and Success Coach is to guide and mentor you to attain the success you deserve.

  • Do you love your career as a consultant but need more clients and more income?
  • Do you know how to position yourself for success with a great web site?
  • Does your web site include Meta tags and SEO optimization?
  • Are you sure you are pricing your services high enough?
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In today’s information saturated market place, you need to position yourself as an expert in your consulting and coaching business. As a Speaker, consultant and published author, Dr. Profit will teach you the strategies of being recognized as an expert in your areas of expertise. A powerful coaching designed to take you and your business to the next level.

The balances of the Certification Training fees are due 30 days prior to the training.

Dr. Profit Company Policy: No refunds due to intellectual property however, the dates of training may be changed if agreeable to both parties. Training deposits/funds must be used within one year or will be forfeited if you postpone your attendance.