Fields of Success Audio Book Available Now

Fields of Success Audio Book


Track 1. Title
Track 2. Dedication
Track 3. Acknowledgement
Track 4. Forward by Joe R. Reeder
Track 5. Introduction: Landing Hard on the Field
Track 6. Chapter 1. Growing Up a Profit
Track 7. Chapter 2. Lessons in Determination
Track 8. Chapter 3. Treading the Thin Line
Track 9. Chapter 4. The Power of Expectations
Track 10. Chapter 5. Stepping Over the Line
Track 11. Chapter 6. The World Against Me
Track 12. Chapter 7. Changing Their Minds Part 1
Track 13. Gallery of Pictures and Articles
Track 14. Chapter 7. Part 2 Seeing Change in My Peers
Track 15. Chapter 8. Determination and Resiliency
Track 16. Chapter 9. Two Fields at Once
Track 17. Chapter 10. Making a Historical Impact
Track 18. Chapter 11. Roadblocks to Stepping Stones
Track 19. Chapter 12. Life Keeps Changing
Track 20. Chapter 13. Searching for True Success
Track 21. Chapter 14. Profit’s Views On Life in the Business World
Track 22. Chapter 15. Profit’s View on Economics

Executive producer Dr. Joseph Profit for Multimedia Digital Broadcast Corporation mastered by Darron Thomas for Media1 Music Productions Greensboro NC Market / distributed by Youth United for Prosperity, Foundation

Copyright © 2017 by Dr. Joseph and Wanda Profit. All rights reserved this package contents and or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for use of brief quotation in a book review.