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Joe R. Reeder
Managing Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Served as the 14th Under-Secretary of the Army.

“As an average lifelong college and professional football fan, I knew Joe Profit’s name long before he ever knew mine. I had heard his name on the news and had seen him on television. I have learned his story of adversity and have seen how he has grown into the man he is today… Joe’s indomitable personality and his force of will have allowed him to prevail over countless formidable adversaries and abstracts.

Very few who read his life story and experience Joe’s formula for success can claim the strength of character that helped Joe surmount the burdens he faced and has had to overcome from birth. Many readers will never get to know Joe personally. But in reading this book, he will lift up every reader by some of the experiences that came with this remarkable and blessed life. Enjoy!”

Don Zimmerman
former National Football League player for the Philadelphia Eagles and retired educator

“To those of us who grew up with Joe profit, his success is not a surprise… even as a child, he was always considering the future, looking for a venture to make money. His story is one that should have been told a long time ago, and all who read it will be inspired.”

Susan Neck
Published Author and Realtor, wife of former Chicago Bears, running back Tommy Neck.

“Joe Profit is one of the most sincere and generous human beings I know, and I have known him for a long time. He came along during the time that segregation was ending and integration was beginning. He was the first African–American to play football on his all-white college team. During away games, he was a starter. However, during home games, he had to sit on the bench for the start of the games. But he never gave up. Joe Profit is an outstanding person who is dedicated to hard work and vigilance.

James Blackwell
Blackwell Advisor Group, Merrill Lynch and USB Finances Services

“I have advised Joe on financial matters for many years, and he has one of the best business minds that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is a natural–born entrepreneur.”

Joe’s commitment to succeed, his courage, and his undefeated attitude will be an inspiration as you read his story of struggle and ultimately of victory!”


In this book, you will learn how Profit’s life was transformed from ordinary living to an extraordinary life through the power of the God Almighty.

If you are on the path to success or have already arrived, you will be compelled to read this book. It will definitely change your mindset. Profit’s story is a living example of how an ordinary person can turn life’s roadblocks – no matter your circumstances – into stepping stones!

This book is available online at and bookstores everywhere, or you can visit for more information about Dr. Joe Profit-branded products and/or to receive an autographed copy, or an 8-pack CD disc. For digital downloads go to The book proceeds are used to benefit the LEGENDS & KIDS® Young Authors™ Book publishing program of Youth United for Prosperity Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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